Volunteer Opportunities

Any family with a student attending Dominion Academy is required to complete a designated number of volunteer hours. The hours required varies based on the number of classes the student is taking. To determine how many hours is required of your family, please refer to the School Handbook or contact the office.

Volunteers are always welcome to help in the following areas.

  • Recess/Lunch Monitor
  • School Picture Day Assistant
  • Science Fair Judges
  • Senior Ball Committee Member
  • Jr. High Field Day Coordinator
  • Lunchroom Monitor
  • Assembly Attendance Taker
  • Chaperones for School Events: Fall Party, Movie Night, etc.
  • Baking for School Events
  • Shakespeare Production
  • Spire Field Trip Drivers
  • Tutoring
  • Volunteer Calling
  • Bulletin Board Help
  • Cleaning
  • Box Tops
  • Fall Party
  • Office Help
  • School Event Set up and Clean up
  • …and any other skill that you have that might be of benefit to DA.

Don’t forget that entire families can also volunteer to help meet hours. Please also be sure to mark down your hours in the binder in the school office. If you have questions or want to volunteer, please contact Elise Barber at [email protected].