COVID Response Update


We will continue to have a professional cleaning service on campus to clean at the end of each school day this year. Students and staff will be expected to tidy their classrooms and eating spaces before leaving. We will return to eating meals in the refractory on a scheduled basis followed by recess if you are in preparatory school. Junior and senior high students will also have scheduled lunches in the refractory and will be permitted to eat lunch on the back lot if they sign out and have privileges.

At this time, it is our intention: Not to require masks from students or staff; nor to require staff to conduct hybrid classes; and we have removed most of the barriers erected last school year throughout the building. However, if a family desires a child to wear a mask, or if a teacher has an individual need to wear a mask, we will not forbid this. If a student is ill and must stay home, pupils are absolutely welcome to tune into the classroom in order to be virtually present with classmates and teachers during the course of the day. In those instances, teaching staff will not be required to offer online instruction, but will provide make-up lessons to ill students at home as always through digital or paper means coordinating with the student and parents.

State and county health officials are still requiring us to track and contact-trace outbreaks of the virus on our campus. As you know, we can’t predict whether we will have future outbreaks. If there is a need to close the campus to students and staff, we would then return to a virtual model, equipping students with Chromebooks / laptops until we are able to come back to campus. It is our sincere hope that we will not have to embrace these measures this year. So far, things appear to be moving in the right direction. We will continue to consult with our school nurse, Leah Gray regarding this year’s protocols.