Martial Arts

Dominion Academy offers a complete martial arts training system, certified by the International Pangai-Noon Budo Kai Hino Ryu. That includes: earning rank and progress from one belt level to the next, opportunities to compete in tournaments, and personal development.

Physical Training

Dominion Academy’s Martial Arts Program begins with an emphasis on overall fitness. As students receive instruction in traditional Okinawan karate, they learn to develop an active lifestyle.

  • Basic Techniques: Students learn karate techniques which may be used alone or in combination for self-defense. These techniques require students to develop exact muscle control and coordination.
  • Kata: Kata are pre-arranged sequences of karate techniques, handed down through several generations. Kata practice requires students to learn to focus their attention, coordinate several types of muscle movements, and develop balance.
  • Sparring: Sparring gives students a fun and safe way to practice reacting to an attack and responding with a controlled technique. It builds focus, self-control, speed and flexibility, and aerobic fitness.
  • Chanbarra: A student favorite, Chanbarra is sparring with padded swords. In addition to the benefits of sparring, it provides students with the opportunity to learn some principles of using a martial arts weapon.

Character Training

Our classes are taught from a Christian worldview and are traditional in nature. We include not only traditional karate skills and kata, but also martial arts etiquette, history and traditions.



  • Beginner’s Class
    • White belt-orange belt
    • 2-3 year class
    • basic karate and kata
  • Intermediate Class
    • Orange belt-brown belt
    • Preparatory for black belt
    • 2-5+ years
    • Refines skills, working with partners
    • Begin working with weapons
  • Advanced Class
    • Black belt
    • Advanced techniques
    • Leadership development

For more information, e-mail Sensei Jeri Carson at [email protected]. See also Sensei Carson’s website:


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