Intramural Soccer

2018/2019 Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies
2018/2019 501st

Intramural soccer is open to Dominion Academy students and home school athletes who are in the 7th thru 12th grade. Teams are formed from a draft help by the 12th grade captains of each team. The season includes 5 weeks of practices in February and March followed by a series of games and playoffs that culminates in a championship game, family picnic and parent/alumni vs. student game.  The rivalries among these teams are legendary. Intramural Soccer is a popular annual highlight of student life at Dominion Academy.

Intramural Soccer Schedule


For more information on the Dominion Academy Intramural Soccer Program, contact the Athletic Department.

2018/2019 Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica
2018/2019 Majestik Moose