Shakespeare Theater

Shakespeare Theater is an integral part of every Dominion graduate’s high school career. Artist-in-Residence Darlene Spencer from Human Race Theater directs our students in theater performance at Dominion. Since 1998, our students have participated in performances of most of William Shakespeare’s comedies on the Dominion Academy stage. Shakespeare Theater and Shakespeare Literature credits fulfills one of four required credits in English for Dominion Academy’s graduation requirements. Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Theater Arts in the Humanities Vault

Mrs. Jacqueline Teachey is our Humanities Vault Theater teacher, preparing young thespians for high school Shakespeare Theater roles. This class focuses on various acting skills including the rehearsal process, vocalization, line memorization, blocking, and the physicality of a character. Performances have included:

  • abridged versions of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Taming of the Shrew
  • Dickinson’s A Christmas Carol
  • Selected Greek myths
  • and scenes and plays written and directed by the students themselves.

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