Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences

It’s that time of year again – parent teacher conferences! Each teacher has a unique sign up sheet, so please click on the appropriate link, and sign up for a meeting time. Please read each sheet carefully, as some slots are designated as “Virtual Only.”

Erica Baker –

Jeff Brown –

Dss. Caldwell –

Karen Connair –

Jennifer Downey –

Betsy McDermott –

Deepika McNamara –

Sandy McNamara –

Deanna Perumalla –

Lisa Sayer –

Heather Sikora –

Jacqueline Teachey –

Christiana Williams –

If you need a conference with any of the teachers below, please email them directly to set up a day/time. Thank you!

Erin Caldwell – [email protected]

Jim Cunningham – [email protected]

Mark Lecklider – [email protected]

Fr. Wayne McNamara – [email protected]

Ashley Noble – [email protected]

Eileen Noble – [email protected]

Emily Weis – [email protected]

Sarah Wrona – [email protected]