In-Person School

Dear Visitor,

What a strange year it has been, especially with how the school year ended without Ohio schools ever getting back together. We are pleased to announce that Dominion Academy will be open with in-person classes this fall. We are encouraged that though there are many perspectives about how managing the fall should look, we share the most important value: a resolve to provide our children with an in-person Christ-centered education.

If you live in the city of Dayton you may qualify for the EdChoice Voucher which will, in most cases, cover the entire cost for the school year. Because of Covid, application for the EdChoice voucher is still open. Once your student is accepted into Dominion Academy’s full-time educational community, you can apply for the EdChoice Voucher. Of course, if you have already been awarded a voucher, you can simply transfer.

You should know, some elementary grade levels are almost full, but junior high and high school still have room for your students.

Call us for more information at 937-224-8555.

Concerned about Covid? Check out our statements from our administration and school nurse on this website.