Every spring, Dominion Academy high schoolers attend the annual Senior Graduation Ball. The ball consists of a formal dinner, student speeches, a slideshow honoring the seniors, and, of course, dancing. According to tradition, students take ballroom dancing lessons before the ball. At the beginning of the evening, they are given ‘dance cards’; some dances are ‘free,’ but most are assigned so that all the students may participate and dance with as many of their fellow students as possible.


What Our Students Think

I love the classiness of it. I personally love the fact that we have ballroom dancing with dance cards. When I tell other people about my school’s “prom” they are always so impressed by that. I like it because it gives everyone a chance to dance with more than one person. You don’t have to worry about not having a partner because you are not “popular.” Everyone should have an equal opportunity to dance with others. I also love how personal it is, especially for the seniors. The fact that younger classmates give speeches about each individual is so special and encouraging. At least, I felt so encouraged by mine this year! Just in general, the DA ball allows me to feel safe. I can be myself and dance with anyone and everyone on my dance card. Most importantly, I know I can go to this ball and have a good time while still behaving appropriately. I feel like I’m in a safe environment.

Meredith Oxley, Class of 2013

Our ball is special because its not clique-y. We all get to be crazy around each other and everyone wants to dance with each other. We’re like a big (strange) family.

Lydia Mathis, Class of 2015