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The character training, competition and camaraderie built on the foundation of sports can be an integral part of Christian formation, helping the Christian young man and woman learn what it means to practice godly discipline.  Physical education credit is required for high school graduation. The Dominion Academy athletics program may serve as the basis for accumulating these required physical education credits.  Dominion Academy’s athletics program is developed around both intramural and interscholastic sports.

Eligibility and Registration

Our athletic program is open to anyone enrolled at Dominion Academy as well as home-schooled students.  Students must be approved by the Head of School prior to participating.

To register, contact the Dominion Academy Athletics Department.

Information and Forms

* Application only needs to be filled out by those students who are new to the athletic program AND who ARE NOT enrolled at Dominion Academy.

** These forms only need to be filled out by home-schooled families.

Once you have completed the above forms, please contact the Athletic Department for instructions on turning in your paperwork.

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Cheer Team

Intramural Soccer 

Martial Arts

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