Dominion Academy VEX IQ Robotics Team Qualifies for State!

Congratulations to the Dominion Academy VEX IQ Robotics team members for qualifying for the State Championship!  

On Saturday, February 4th, 39 teams competed.   Of these, only six received an invitation to the middle school state championship.

Seven middle school awards were given out, and Dominion Academy received two of them (see attached picture).  Our team received the Research Project award, which qualified us to be invited to State.  “The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Research Project Award is presented to the team that shares the most effective STEM Research Project presentation. This presentation, as well as the follow up discussion with Judges, effectively demonstrates the students’ significant depth of understanding of their topic and research findings. The presentation will also highlight the students’ work in sharing what they learned in an effective format.”

Our team also received the Judges Award.  “The Judges Award is presented to a team that the Judges determine is deserving of special recognition. Judges consider a number of possible criteria for this award, such as team displays of special attributes, exemplary effort and perseverance at the event, or team accomplishments or endeavors throughout the season that may not fit under existing awards, but are nonetheless deserving of special recognition.”  I talked with one of the judges after the competition.  Although several teams were considered for this award, what tipped the consideration in our favor was a significant incident that happened in the middle of competition.  Just as another team was called to the arena, their robot fell off the table and broke into pieces; our team jumped in to help them get it put back together for the competition, demonstrating not only good sportsmanship, but a kindness and helpfulness above and beyond what middle school kids normally show.  I am especially proud of our team for receiving this award.

For team Dominion Academy, it is on to State Championships to be held on February 24 at North Union Middle School in Richwood, Ohio.

Special thanks to Mr. Mooney for laying the foundation for the students’ robotics skills, to Mrs. Crosley and Mrs. Matthews for transporting students and helping to supervise during the competition, to Bethany Carson for acting as photographer for the day, and to Jonathan Carson for helping the research team learn how to cite references and organize content.

Mrs. Carson would also like to give thanks and praise to God.  She prayed for this team to do their best, have fun, and glorify God and she believes the team experienced the answer to those prayers.

Good job Dominion Academy Vex IQ Robotics Team 2017!

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