Homeschool Connections

We believe that parents have the primary responsibility –  a sacred responsibility — over the education of their children. This is why Dominion Academy was founded by homeschoolers in 1998, uniquely structured to serve the needs of individual families, according to the parents’ discretion.

Since our inception, Dominion Academy has opened our doors to homeschool students; many students have taken just a class or two and many students have graduated with us. All of our individual classes are available to homeschoolers.

Come and see all Dominion Academy has to offer you. 

  • Part time enrollment for prep school and high school students
  • Competitive high school athletics including soccer and basketball

  • Cheerleading

  • EF (Education First) Tours Abroad
  • High School Assembly Choir
  • SAT/ACT summer prep course

  • Honors and  AP classes

  • PSAT testing

  • IOWA testing

  • Taekwondo

  • High school and college strategy sessions

  • Participation in tours to foreign countries

Many families choose to supplement their home education through enrolling in classes such as lab sciences and robotics classes, composition, and AP classes. Students have taken advantage of our Shakespeare theatre program, as well as the Stratford, Canada trip associated with that class. Students have also toured European countries through our bi-annual trip with Education First (EF) tours. We also offer athletic opportunities: fall interscholastic soccer, spring intramural soccer, boys’ and girls’ basketball, and Martial Arts. Additionally, students may take standardized tests and the PSAT through Dominion.

Homeschooling parents have frequently recounted how thankful they were for an outside professional voice helping them to prepare their student for college. In addition, scholarship opportunities have been made available to many homeschooled students because of their family’s partnership with Dominion Academy.

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