Fine Arts History & Theory Courses

A rich understanding and appreciation of the arts is necessary for a student’s knowledge of their Christian heritage, since the arts have served as a primary way of worshipping Christ throughout church history. Dominion Academy offers several specific courses that help students orient themselves within the arts and and position them to reclaim art in service to the Kingdom of God.

  • AP Art History – This course is offered every other year and is equivalent to a college survey course. Students sit for the AP Art History exam in Spring of the academic year. This course covers the history of art in the entire human community across time and people groups, but there is a special emphasis on history of the arts in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Art History students plan and participate in Dominion Academy’s “Free Gift of Christmas” — an architectural tour of Dayton’s Downtown churches, sponsored annually.
  • History of Western Music and Art (Humanities) – Students in this course will study the music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century periods. In addition, one quarter will be devoted to Analytical Listening: the study of the basic elements of music (melody, harmony, form, tone color, rhythm, etc.) and how to develop a more discriminating and appreciative ear. The history of Western art is the 2nd component of the course. Students learn the elements of art and design and are taught to apply them in “reading” art of specific periods in Western History.
  • Shakespeare Theater – the director teaches fundamentals of classic, Elizabethan theater and English poetry. Student assignments include writing theater reviews and character studies. Theater students have an opportunity to travel to the Stratford Festival each fall, where they experience world renowned theater performances on several Stratford stages, even rubbing shoulders with professional actors and actresses in theater workshops held between performances.
  • AP Poetry – Did you know that the 33% of the Bible is Hebrew poetry? The study of poetry – its forms, rhythms and devices – is necessary to a deeper understanding of the Bible and its various English translations. The study of poetry is taught separately from other components of AP English Literature and Composition because of its importance to fundamental Christian Bible reading skills.
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