Dominion FAQs

How many students do you have? 
We average around 100 students in the first through twelfth grades. We are a very small, but very welcoming community!

Why are you located so near to downtown Dayton?
We are a ministry of Christ the King Anglican Church. While we do not have cutting edge facilities or a particularly scenic locale, we believe that the church, and consequently the school, has been placed by God in our specific neighborhood to love and serve and be a life-giving influence.

What is a ‘collegiate-model’ schedule?
Families have individual needs based upon finances, the personalities of their children, their academic capabilities, etc. For this reason, we are a “hybrid” school. Students can take from one class to a full-time schedule, just like a college student. Many of our students have taken advantage of this unique schedule to pursue their talents in the arts or in other areas.

Do you have school on Friday?
High School students do not have school on Friday (unless they have a science lab scheduled). Cathedral School students (grades 1-8) do attend on Fridays if they are enrolled in the “Spire Day” option.

What athletic options do you have?
We offer Varsity and Intramural SoccerVarsity and Junior Varsity Basketball for Men and Women, and Martial Arts. We are trying to start an Indoor Soccer team for elementary students as well as a high school baseball team.

What is the cost of Dominion Academy? 
Because of our unique structure and our facilities, we are able to offer a college preparatory education at a lower price than many other private schools. See our Tuition and Fees.

Since Dominion Academy is so affordable, is the academic quality less than other more expensive schools?

No! Our students consistently test well above the national average. For example, in 2015, 96% of our students taking AP tests passed; the national average is 50%. We are also very proud of our National Merit, Commended, and National Achievement Scholars.

Do you have scholarship opportunities?
We have need-based scholarship funds to distribute according to the discretion of the School Board. Additionally, since we are a chartered nonpublic (private) school, we are able to accept ODE EdChoice scholarships for eligible students. Visit our Scholarships page for more information.

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